Foundations of Modern Mining Professional Certificate

What you will learn:
Apply the lens of the value chain to review and critically analyse all aspects of the business of mining and its associated stakeholders.
Analyse the complexities of the lifecycle of a mine through a systems approach from discovery to rehabilitation.
Explain how innovation has and will continue to impact the evolution of mining and business processes.
Create innovative solutions to contemporary problems in the mining sector.
Analyse how mining contributes to the sustainable development of society.
Distinguish and classify capabilities required across evolving roles and operating models within the mining sector.
Articulate the importance of an integrated organisational culture that delivers on safety, productivity and engagement.

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Digital Transformation of Mining (edX)

This course provides learners with an overview of applications of digital technology across the value chain, including automation, monitoring and remote operations, to optimise the value extracted from a minerals deposit. It will also investigate how digitisation of the sector will likely change the required mining skills of the [...]

The Minerals and Mining Business (edX)

This course provides learners with an overview of the mining sector through the lens of the value chain, examining how companies and other stakeholders explore for and then transform a mineral resource to create valuable products and other forms of capital.

Operational Foundations of Mining (edX)

This course provides learners with an overview of the technical operating components of a mining system that moves valuable material from ore, as it resides in the ground, to a beneficiated product that is saleable at various points along the value chain. In this course we will investigate different [...]

Minerals and Mining in a Sustainable World (edX)

This course provides learners with an overview of the role of minerals in society, the history of the sustainable development agenda, and the emerging focus on the relationship between mineral development and the Sustainable Development Goals. What is the role of mining in a sustainable world? What challenges lie [...]

Health, Safety and Wellness in Mining (edX)

Welcome to Health, Safety and Wellness in Mining where you will explore key concepts in the management of health, safety and wellness in mining workforces and communities, including the impacts of new technologies and the importance of human factor considerations.

Leadership and Diversity in Mining (edX)

Do you strive to become a leader in the mining industry? What opportunities and challenges do you think you are likely to encounter? In this course explore the role of leadership capabilities within the mining sector, with an emphasis on incorporating diversity, leading technical teams, and developing techniques to [...]