English for Business Networking Professional Certificate

What you will learn:
- Describe what networking is and how it can help you reach your professional goals.
- Identify your goals for networking.
- Introduce yourself in English, keep a conversation going, and leave the conversation.
- Write professional emails to make new contacts and follow up with people in your network.
- Identify your network and your unique characteristics and skills.
- Use LinkedIn and business cards to make and maintain connections with your network.
- Use informational interviews to expand your network.

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Attending a Networking Event (edX)

Improve your ability to meet new people. Learn to give an “elevator pitch” (speech) to introduce yourself to new people and to highlight your key qualities. Make connections with people and use your skills to attend a networking event. In this course, you’ll focus on two key parts of [...]

Preparing to Network in English (edX)

Learn the basics of networking while you grow your social network and professional connections. Practice speaking to improve your English language skills for increased success in job hunting. Networking in the business world is key to career success. Research shows that many jobs are never officially advertised. Many companies [...]

Conducting an Informational Interview (edX)

This is the capstone networking course. Put all the skills that you have learned into practice. You’ll introduce yourself, write effective email, highlight your best qualities, and conduct an informational interview with a person of your choice.

Using Email for Networking in English (edX)

Improve your writing skills. Write effective emails including great subject lines, greetings, and closings. You’ll be more confident as you communicate for business, send messages, expand your network, and search for jobs in English.