Emerging Automotive Technologies MicroMasters

What you will learn:
- Design and simulate electric and hybrid powertrains
- Understand the fundamentals of passive and active safety concepts
- Model and simulate vehicle dynamics
- Implement intelligent perception and decision procedures needed for self-driving cars

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Sensor Fusion and Non-linear Filtering for Automotive Systems (edX)

Learn fundamental algorithms for sensor fusion and non-linear filtering with application to automotive perception systems. In this course, we will introduce you to the fundamentals of sensor fusion for automotive systems. Key concepts involve Bayesian statistics and how to recursively estimate parameters of interest using a range of different [...]

Decision-Making for Autonomous Systems (edX)

Learn effective tactics for making key decisions when working with autonomous, self-driving vehicles. In autonomous vehicles such as self-driving cars, we find a number of interesting and challenging decision-making problems. Starting from the autonomous driving of a single vehicle, to the coordination among multiple vehicles. This course will teach [...]

Road Traffic Safety in Automotive Engineering (edX)

Learn the fundamentals of passive and active safety in automotive engineering. This course teaches the fundamentals of active safety (systems for avoiding crashes or reducing crash consequences) as well as passive safety (systems for avoiding or reducing injuries).

Model-Based Automotive Systems Engineering (edX)

Learn how to model and simulate system dynamics in automotive engineering. Modeling, control design, and simulation are important tools supporting engineers in the development of automotive systems, from the early study of system concepts (when the system possibly does not exist yet) to optimization of system performance. This course [...]

Hybrid Vehicles (edX)

Learn to design hybrid powertrains which meet the needs of modern vehicles, by combining the strengths of both electric motors and combustion engines. Why are hybrid vehicles still more common than battery electric ones? Why are electric vehicles still more expensive than conventional or hybrid ones? In this course, [...]

Electric and Conventional Vehicles (edX)

Learn how electric and conventional powertrains work and methods to analyse their performance and energy consumption. Electric powertrains are estimated to propel a large part of road vehicles in the future, due to their high efficiency and zero tailpipe emissions. But, the cost and weight of batteries and the [...]

Multi-Object Tracking for Automotive Systems (edX)

Learn how to localize and track dynamic objects with a range of applications including autonomous vehicles. Autonomous vehicles, such as self-driving cars, rely critically on an accurate perception of their environment. In this course, we will teach you the fundamentals of multi-object tracking for automotive systems. [...]