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Introduction to EdTech (Coursera)

Jul 25th 2022
Introduction to EdTech (Coursera)
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Co-developed by Supercharger Ventures and EDHEC Business School. EdTech, short for Education Technology, is one of the most exciting sectors in the economy today poised to re-shape how education systems work and how people learn around the world. Introduction to EdTech MOOC is designed to explore EdTech fundamentals and [...]

How to Plan a Hackathon: Hacking the Challenges of Digital Education (FutureLearn)

Explore how to plan and organise a non-technical hackathon designed to drive community-sourced innovation in EdTech. Get expert tips on how to run a great hackathon. Hackathons are usually thought of as events where people come together to collaborate with computers. However, non-technical hackathons are becoming increasingly popular – [...]

Innovation in EdTech: Hacking the Challenges of Digital Education (FutureLearn)

Explore how digital technologies are transforming education, and devise forward-thinking solutions to the challenges of EdTech. Develop innovative ideas to improve the future of digital education. On this course, you’ll be introduced to emerging educational technologies, and explore how to solve issues around teaching with technology that educators and [...]