Economic systems in different countries of the world Specialization

What You Will Learn:
- Evaluate the political, economic, and cultural systems in which international businesses operate.
- Interpret the achievements of developed economic systems for the international business.​
- Critique the pros and cons of the European economic systems.​
- Compare the economic indicators of developed and developing economies.

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Developing economies of Latin America, Eurasia and Africa (Coursera)

This course concerns mainly not developed countries of the world but still very promising. And we will start in the first module with studying the Latin American economies. And those are the biggest and the most promising Brazil or Argentina. We will try to understand why Brazil or Mexico [...]

Current and future leaders: North American, Asian economies (Coursera)

The course current and future leaders is actually divided into two parts. The first one concerns the North American countries, the second concerns Asian and the third one concerns the new leaders of the world.

Typology of countries and European economies (Coursera)

The course topology of countries and European economies actually contains three modules. The first one will explain how the different countries of the world are divided into several groups of different economic organizations of the world, like, for example, the World Bank or United Nations.