Don Quixote

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The Essence of Leadership: Explorations from Literature (edX)

What does it mean to lead by example? Enter the world of classic literature and explore different aspects of leadership embodied by strong, and sometimes quirky characters and complex situations that pose dilemmas. While you are at your desk, writing reports and crunching numbers, do you often daydream of [...]

The Spain of Don Quixote (edX)

An exploration of Spain depicted in Cervante’s historic novel, Don Quixote – a Golden Age in which Spanish arts and literature reached worldwide excellence. This MOOC focuses on Spanish history between the Renaissance and Baroque periods—a time when the Spanish culture set the tone in the Western [...]

La España de El Quijote (edX)

La España de El Quijote es un viaje a nuestro esplendor cultural. A un Siglo de Oro que elevó las artes y las letras hispanas a la excelencia mundial. En un lugar de la UAM, cuyo nombre merece recordar, habita la España de El Quijote. Un espacio en [...]