Digital transformation as a business and innovation strategy Professional Certificate

Digital transformation in companies is changing the way in which the human being lives and works. This leading edge programme, offered by the EGADE Business School, #1 school in Latin America (QS Global MBA Ranking Latin America 2018-2020), will allow you to understand the elements of the industry which are accelerating their change. The general frame of companies, the big innovation trends, and the digital age are intertwined in the socio-political, economical, environmental, and public health environments.
This program is aimed at professionals of the areas of engineering, computer systems, and business, as well as at all those business leaders who are interested in facing challenges finding digital transformation opportunities inside their organizations and transform their business processes to digital transformation initiatives.
The constant change in the business world in face of this environment, enables us to identify winning strategies that companies of the manufacturing and services sectors (financial, consulting firms, educational, entertainment) are developing with the help of innovative technologies which place the human being as the center and guiding principle a successful digital transformation.
Through deep dialogues about the analysis of the environment and of opportunities, you will have access to business cases, professional testimonies, theoretical and practical knowledge based on the experience of professionals in the subject; in the same way, your knowledge and perspective about the present will be enriched with two-way conversations of experts in technological innovation and strategy.
The topics covered in the programme will be useful to create your self-assessment of the state of digital transformation of your company or business project, in order for you to outline that road map which will help you to define your own digital transformation and satisfy your customer demands.
What you will learn
- Expand your knowledge about the environment and the challenges faced by companies nowadays and how they are coping with it in order to thrive.
- You will identify the strategies and the big technological innovation trends which are helping companies to accomplish their digital transformation.
- You will develop the necessary competences in order to face the present technological changes and the decision making.
- You will diagnose your current state and your road map, which will enable you to identify the present state and the one wanted in face of the need of digital transformation.

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