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Taxation of Business Entities I: Corporations (Coursera)

This course provides an introduction to the U.S. federal income taxation of corporations and their shareholders. The course focuses on the relevant provisions of Subchapter C of the Internal Revenue Code, as well as related Treasury Regulations and judicial opinions, governing corporate formation, operations, distributions, and liquidation. [...]
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Global Strategy II: Doing Business in The Global Economy (Coursera)

This course explores the ways firms overcome challenges when operating globally. The global economy is characterized for its high complexity and uncertainty. Corporations trying to succeed in the global economy need to develop different types of strategies depending on where they are conducting business or what type business [...]
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The 360º Corporation: Tools for Achieving Corporate Purpose (Coursera)

Nov 22nd 2021
The 360º Corporation: Tools for Achieving Corporate Purpose (Coursera)
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If you’ve heard the terms stakeholder capitalism, or sustainability, or ESG, corporate social responsibility, CSR, conscious capitalism, sustainable development goals, shared value, corporate citizenship, or purpose-driven company but don’t know exactly what they mean—or don’t know how to make these ideas come to life—then this course is for you. [...]
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Leadership for Engineers (edX)

Learn how to effectively lead in a technology-driven world, define your personal leadership journey, and make your career choices.
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