Classroom Management

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English Language Teaching: Classroom Management (Coursera)

The course will introduce students to important aspects of classroom management: class size and mixed abilities, grouping students, and error correction and feedback. It will look at how teaching a large class differs from teaching one-to-one, how to teach different content, and issues in teaching different students and special [...]

Preparing for Teaching (FutureLearn)

Prepare for a career in teaching by learning the qualities of a good teacher and reflecting on your own experiences of education. Discover the world of teaching and learn how to be a good teacher. A great teacher can totally transform a subject and inspire a classroom of students [...]

Teaching Kindergarten to your child at home (Week 1) (Skillshare)

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Teaching Kindergarten to your child at home (Week 1) (Skillshare)
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Hello, my name is Jose Antony Rios. I'm an ESL kindergarten teacher in China, Shenzhen. I have a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction from ACE, and would like to share how I create my classes. I have over ten years of experience, and I hope my videos will give [...]