Business Models

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Business Models For Sustainability (Coursera)

This course was created by some of the leading researchers on business model theory and social entrepreneurship in Europe in collaboration with both small and large companies across various sectors investing in sustainable business model innovation. This course provides an overview of sustainable business model theory and innovation and [...]

Business Models for Technology Innovators (edX)

Engineers and technology innovators need to understand how their contribution fits into the bigger picture. At the heart of this is the business model. Learn through a series of case studies how to understand and deploy business models to capture value and maximise the opportunities of your technology [...]

Introducción interdisciplinar a la sostenibilidad urbana (edX)

Este curso presenta los elementos básicos y las tendencias que definen las prácticas de sostenibilidad en la arquitectura actual. Sigue un enfoque interdisciplinario que incluye la evaluación del desempeño y las políticas urbanas.