Business: Data Insights and Analytics MicroMasters

What you will learn:
- Learn Python, SQL, Tableau, AWS, and other top tools.
- Leverage expertise in data management software and statistical programming.
- Deliver insights and recommendations for organizations using cutting-edge descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics techniques.

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Data Visualization & Cloud Technologies (edX)

Learn to use data visualization and cloud technologies for business analytics. In this course, gain experience in data visualization and cloud technologies to support business analytics. In the first half of the course, create and share compelling data visualizations to enhance decision-making. In the second half of the course, [...]

SQL Fundamentals (edX)

Learn the fundamentals of SQL and database management. Students learn to construct a wide variety of SQL statements – from beginning to more advanced concepts – such as joins, common table expressions, window functions, etc. Students also learn the basics of query optimization and data modeling.

Statistics Using Python (edX)

Learn the fundamentals of statistics using Python. This course is a compact primer in statistics as a foundation for data-driven business analysis. A selection of concepts include descriptive statistics, probability, inference, correlation, and regression. The course also exposes students to basic Python programming for use in [...]