Business and Professional Communication for Success MicroBachelors

What you will learn:
Define communication
Examine the communication principles
Identify the Communication Model
Identify ways to effectively listen
Identify their communication style
Examine Emotional Intelligence and its use in communication
Identify Parts of a business letter
Examine the 6 C's for business messages
Evaluate Direct Vs. Indirect messages
Examine the use of emojis in the business setting
Evaluate the organizational steps of a presentation
Examine various supporting materials for presentations
Evaluate and discuss various presentation software
Examine design principles for presentations
Discuss storytelling for presentations
Develop a presentation
Present via video a polished presentation

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Professional Business Presentations (edX)

Self Paced
Professional Business Presentations (edX)
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Professional Business Presentations, will dive into the world of presenting information both in written and verbal form. This course discusses how to effectively create presentations with quality formatting, the proper design elements and organization. The learner will identify the proper presentation format and software for their audience. Learners will [...]