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Breastfeeding and Adequate Substitutes (Coursera)

Ensuring adequate nutrition is essential for infants to reach their full potential, as early-life nutritional imbalances and deficiencies may result in detrimental and often irreversible adverse health consequences. "Breastfeeding and Adequate Substitutes" focuses on the important aspects of human milk composition, human lactation, breastfeeding practices, and the use of [...]

Introduction to Breastfeeding for Medical Students (FutureLearn)

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Introduction to Breastfeeding for Medical Students (FutureLearn)
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This short module is designed to support first year medical students to understand the importance of breastfeeding in the UK. Gain the medical training skills you need around the subject of breastfeeding. This informative course, in a collaboration between Unicef UK and the University of Glasgow, provides an introduction [...]