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Finance for Everyone: Markets (Coursera)

Markets begins with one of the most common and important elements of the financial system – interest rates. You will learn why interest rates have always been a key barometer in determining the value of everything. You will explore the changing influence of interest rates; the impact of interest [...]

Pricing Options with Mathematical Models (Coursera)

Apr 1st 2024
Pricing Options with Mathematical Models (Coursera)
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This is an introductory course on options and other financial derivatives, and their applications to risk management. We will start with defining derivatives and options, continue with discrete-time, binomial tree models, and then develop continuous-time, Brownian Motion models. A basic introduction to Stochastic, Ito Calculus will be given. The [...]

Fixed Income Mathematics: Pricing and Valuation of Bonds (edX)

Learn about Pricing and Valuation of Bonds. In this course, we will learn how to determine fair values, yields and risk measures for fixed income securities. This course emphasizes conceptual understanding, but maintains a level of rigor suitable for the development of an effective fixed income [...]

Finance Essentials (edX)

Discover how to use fundamental finance tools in both management and MBA learning contexts and understand common financial situations faced in everyday life. Want to study for an MBA but are unsure of basic financial concepts? This business and management course prepares you for studying finance in an MBA [...]

Financial Investment & Risk Management (Coursera)

All investors in the financial market including large invest companies and private investors face common challenges when they make asset allocation decisions: where to invest, how to fulfill their obligations and what risk to take. This course will help you to gain skills in making investment decisions in the [...]

Risk Management in the Global Economy (FutureLearn)

What is risk? This free course examines the financial markets and the role that risk management tools play in the global economy. What is risk? Why does it matter, to us and to the financial markets? What are the principles that drive the management of risk? Can we ensure [...]