Algorithms and Data Structures MicroMasters

This MicroMasters program is a mix of theory and practice: you will learn algorithmic techniques for solving various computational problems through implementing over one hundred algorithmic coding problems in a programming language of your choice.
No other online course in Algorithms even comes close to offering you a wealth of programming challenges that you may face at your next job interview. To prepare you, we have invested thousands of hours designing challenges as an alternative to multiple choice questions that you usually find in MOOCs. We believe in learning through application, especially when it comes to learning algorithms.
For each algorithm you develop and implement, we have designed multiple tests to check its correctness and running time — you will have to debug your programs without even knowing what these tests are! It may sound difficult, but we believe it is the only way to truly understand how the algorithms work and to master the art of programming.

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Algorithms and Data Structures Capstone (edX)

Synthesize your knowledge of algorithms and biology to build your own software for solving a biological challenge. Building a fully-fledged algorithm to assemble genomes from DNA fragments on a real dataset is an enormous challenge with major demand in the multi-billion dollar biotech industry. In this capstone project, we [...]

Dynamic Programming: Applications In Machine Learning and Genomics (edX)

Learn how dynamic programming and Hidden Markov Models can be used to compare genetic strings and uncover evolution. If you look at two genes that serve the same purpose in two different species, how can you rigorously compare these genes in order to see how they have evolved away [...]

String Processing and Pattern Matching Algorithms (edX)

Learn about pattern matching and string processing algorithms and how they apply to interesting applications. The world and internet are full of textual information. We search for information using textual queries and read websites, books and e-mails.

NP-Complete Problems (edX)

Learn about NP-complete problems, known as hard problems that can’t be solved efficiently, and practice solving them using algorithmic techniques. Step into the area of more complex problems and learn advanced algorithms to help solve them.

Graph Algorithms (edX)

Learn how to use algorithms to explore graphs, compute shortest distance, min spanning tree, and connected components. If you have ever used a navigation service to find the optimal route and estimate time to destination, you've used algorithms on graphs.

Data Structures Fundamentals (edX)

Learn about data structures that are used in computational thinking – both basic and advanced. A good algorithm usually comes together with a set of good data structures that allow the algorithm to manipulate the data efficiently.