Wendy Umberger

Professor Wendy Umberger is the Executive Director of the Centre for Global Food and Resources at the University of Adelaide. She specialises in food economics and food policy. Wendy has research projects in Australia, North America, Asia, the Pacific Islands and Africa related to the economics of global food systems. Wendy's uses innovative research methods to understand drivers of consumer and producer behaviour related to food issues, including nutrition, food safety, and health and marketing claims related to quality (credence) attributes associated with the production and processing of food. She has published extensively and has been invited to present her work internationally to a variety of audiences including industry, government and academic. Wendy has a lifelong passion for agribusiness having grown-up on a family beef cattle farm/ranch in rural South Dakota in the USA and worked across the value chain on a variety of food system issues. She has served or currently serves on a variety of national and international agribusiness advisory and governance boards. She is an honorary Fellow of Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ).

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