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Sandra Wozniak is a tireless educator who recently changed her audience of middle school students (after 33 years) to educators. For the last 26 years, she has focused on technology integration and critical thinking in all subject areas. Sandra has written and implemented curriculum for various courses, including robotics, 21st Century Skills, Decision Analysis, Intro to Technology, Science and Web 2.0 tools. Trained in rational processes, supervision, UbD, PBL’s, technology integration and school leadership, Sandra continues her teaching by providing professional development in technology integration and critical thinking in all content areas. Her thoughts and ramblings on technology and critical thinking can be found on her blog.

As Director of Curriculum and Technology for the nonprofit TregoED, she now spends her time sharing the best of collaborative technologies along with her vast and continuing experiences in the classroom with other educators. She helped develop and maintains the SCAN online discussion tool at, which allows students to role play different perspectives on timely and historical issues. In addition to her work with school districts, she has presented at NMSA, ISTE, NSTA, NCSS, FETC, PETE-C, NJAET, and NJECC. She received her BA, Masters and Supervisory Certification from Rutgers University and has continued her education in national, state and local educational consortia. In 2010, she was named NJ Middle Level Educator of the Year by the NJ Association for Middle Level Education and currently serves as President of the NJ Association for Middle Level Education. She is a Google Certified Teacher and was selected to participate in the ISTE-NASA cyber-group of pioneering educators working together virtually to brainstorm, design and build educational artifacts about NASA's MMS mission.

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Jun 2nd 2014

This MOOC is designed for teachers who may be interested in creating their own STEAM CAMP based upon a proven model created by Jennifer Miller and Sandra Wozniak. Their STEAM CAMP incorporated NASA MMS Challenge curriculum, authored by Jennifer Miller, Sandra Wozniak, and Tom Chambers, along with other NASA MMS fabrication resources.

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