Patricia Lalor




Dr Lalors' undergraduate degree course in Biological Sciences provided the opportunity to take a year out in industry. She was fortunate to secure a placement in the laboratory of Professor Gerard Nash where she performed studies of platelet and leucocyte recruitment using his in vitro, flow based adhesion assays. On the back of this successful project Trish was offered funding to return to Professor Nash’s group to complete PhD studies investigating the role of a specific adhesion molecule, VCAM-1 in lymphocyte recruitment.

She then moved to the laboratory of Professor David Adams to establish flow-based adhesion technology for application to investigation of inflammation in the human liver. Here whilst continuing to Dr Lalor was appointed as a lecturer in Immunity and Infection 2007 and awarded a Senior Lectureship in 2013.

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Sep 11th 2017

Learn about how your liver works, ways to look after it and how liver damage is caused, studied and treated around the world. We are currently experiencing an international explosion of liver disease that continues to have enormous impact upon healthcare systems and global health. In the UK we have seen a 20% increase in deaths related to liver disease since 2000 and this pattern reflects the global situation.

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Apr 24th 2017

Learn about the science behind having a liver transplant with this free online course from the Centre for Liver Research. In this free, three-week course, we will teach you about the fascinating field of liver transplantation. We will cover the history of liver transplantation - from early experiments in the late 1960s to exciting new technological advances in organ preservation happening today.

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