Michael W. Anderson




Michael Anderson is a Professor of Materials Chemistry at the University of Manchester.

BSc in Chemical Physics (Edinburgh), PhD in Physical Chemistry (Cambridge), Postdoctoral Fellowships at Universities of Houston and Connecticut, USA and University of Cambridge. Barrer Award from The Royal Society of Chemistry 1993, Director Centre for Nanoporous Materials, since 1998. Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

More info: http://www.manchester.ac.uk/research/Mike.anderson/personaldetails

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Aug 7th 2017

Chemical reactions underpin the production of pretty much everything in our modern world. But, what is the driving force behind reactions? Why do some reactions occur over geological time scales whilst others are so fast that we need femtosecond-pulsed lasers to study them? Ultimately, what is going on at the atomic level? Discover the answers to such fundamental questions and more on this course in introductory physical chemistry.

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