Maxime Audouin

Maxime Audouin holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering, and a Master of Science in Energy Management from EPFL, Switzerland. He joined the Chair Management of Network Industries, in the College of Management of Technology at EPFL in 2015 as a PhD Candidate. Passionated about Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS), Maxime focuses in his dissertation, on different forms of transport integration in cities, enabled by the Information and Communication Technologies, and more specifically on the role that the public authorities play in the development of such innovative schemes. His main areas of interests are Urban Transportation Systems, Urban Governance, Transportation Regulation and Technology and Innovation Management.

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Smart Cities, Management of Smart Urban Infrastructures (edX)

In the era of Smart Cities, learn the principles of urban infrastructure management and find ways to incorporate smart technologies into legacy infrastructures. Over the past few years, advancements in the Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) have significantly challenged the traditionally stable landscape of urban infrastructure services. The result [...]