Martine Reij




Martine Reij (1967) graduated from Wageningen University in The Netherlands with an M.Sc. in Food technology (1991) and obtained a PhD in Agricultural Sciences (1997). From 1996 to 1999 she worked as a teacher of biotechnology and process technology in polytechnic education.

Since 1999 she has as been co-worker of the European Chair in Food Safety Microbiology and currently she is associate professor with the Laboratory of Food Microbiology of Wageningen University.

In education Martine focuses on food safety and risk management and she has developed e-learning courses, amongst others, on HACCP, hygienic design, and sampling & monitoring that are used within and outside the university.

Her research interests are the ecology and quantification of microbial pathogens along the food production chain and specifically in dry food production environments.

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