Margareta Friman




Margareta Friman Professor in service research and Director of Samot, The Service and Market Oriented Transport Research Group at Karlstad University.

Her research interests are in the area of experiences and how to influence people to change their behavior. It is challenging to persuade travelers to reduce the use of their car and instead go more by public transport. She has been involved in and evaluated the implementation of soft policy measures with the aim to reduce car use.

Right now she is working in the “satisfaction measurements and service innovation” project, which deals with on-line versus remembered travel experiences. The current focus of this research project is about measuring on-line experiences with smart-phones.

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Jan 23rd 2017

Ultimately, the customer is the sole judge of the quality of an organizations’ offer and is the actor that, in one way or another, pays for it. Due to this, the customer experience is important and a point of departure for marketing and organizational development. Understanding Customer Experience is an open access graduate course from the Karlstad Business School in conjunction with the Service Research Center – CTF. The course is designed for professionals with an interest in customer experience and is available to both for-credit and non-credit participants.

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