Letty Kwan

Professor Letty Kwan is a Professor from the Department of Psychology at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She has taught and provided training on topics such as Consumer Psychology, Marketing Management, Consumer Behaviors, Social Entrepreneurship and Global Challenges. Prior joining Chinese University of Hong Kong, she worked as a research fellow in Asian Consumer Insight in Singapore where she used her research findings to provide solutions for companies. Her main research focus is on the intersection between culture, creativity and consumer behavior. Her publications appeared in major journals such as OBHDP, JCCP, JOB.
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Doing Business in China Capstone (Coursera)

Aug 22nd 2022
Doing Business in China Capstone (Coursera)
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Doing Business in China Capstone enables you to apply your skills to real business challenges. You’ll use your newly earned business skills to identify, explore and evaluate a real opportunity involving products. In this capstone, you are the business consultant working for a well-established “HON / wellness” company. [...]

Selling to Chinese Consumers (Coursera)

This course is designed to help learners sell their products, goods and services to Chinese consumers. To achieve this goal, the course will use evidence-based research in psychology, economics, legal studies and marketing to help learners understand the historical, economic and legal contexts of doing business in China and [...]