Kaoru Yamanouchi




Professor Kaoru Yamanouchi has been Professor of Chemistry at the University of Tokyo since April 1997. His research fields are in physical chemistry; especially, gas phase laser spectroscopy, chemical reaction dynamics, and intense laser science. He is one of the world-leading scientists in the new interdisciplinary research field called ultrafast intense laser science. He has been the recipient of Morino Fellowship endowed by Morino Foundation (1987), Spectroscopical Society of Japan Award for High-Quality Papers (1989), Chemical Society of Japan Award for Young Scientists (1991), Japan IBM Prize (2000), The Best Paper Award of the Laser Society of Japan (2008), and Chemical Society of Japan Award (2015).

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Apr 19th 2016

Learn two methods used to determine molecular structures and their properties in this introduction to Quantum Mechanics. Knowing the geometrical structure of the molecules around us is one of the most important and fundamental issues in the field of chemistry. This course introduces the two primary methods used to determine the geometrical structure of molecules: molecular spectroscopy and gas electron diffraction.

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