Jules White

Assistant Professor at theDept. of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the Vanderbilt University
More info: http://www.magnum.io/people/jules.html

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Android App Components - Intents, Activities, and Broadcast Receivers (Coursera)

This MOOC builds upon the overview of Java and Android covered in Course 1 by delving deeper into core Android components, such as Activities, Broadcast Receivers, Intents, and Intent Filters. You will learn by example how to program these core Android components together with basic Java file I/O classes [...]
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Building Cloud Services with the Java Spring Framework (Coursera)

This MOOC describes by example how to build cloud services via the use of object-oriented design techniques; Java programming language features; Java Servlets, the Java Spring Framework; and cloud computing platforms, such as Amazon Web Services.
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Programming Mobile Services for Android Handheld Systems: Communication (Coursera)

In this course, we will learn how to apply patterns and frameworks to alleviate the complexity of developing concurrent and networked applications and services on mobile devices running Android that connect to popular cloud computing platforms.
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Programming Cloud Services for Android Handheld Systems: Security (Coursera)

This course introduces students to basic issues in mobile cloud security, malware, and secure client/server communication. Students will learn about security risks in Android and cloud services, threat mitigation strategies, secure coding practices, and tools for managing security of devices.
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Android Capstone Project (Coursera)

This Capstone MOOC gives Signature Track students who passed all previous MOOCs in the MoCCA Specialization “with Distinction” an opportunity to integrate and demonstrate the knowledge they've acquired across the three earlier content area MOOCs.
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