Jonathan Hillier

Jonathan is a Senior Lecturer in Mathematical Modelling and Global Food Sytems. He acquired a BSc (1st Class) in Mathematics from the University of Wales Bangor in 1992 and a PhD in Mathematics from the University of York in 1997.
Jonathan has since worked in several universities (Bangor, UCL, Aberdeen, and Edinburgh) and Research Insitutes (James Hutton (SCRI) and INRA (Grignon) on crop and pest modelling, and on the environmental impacts (including greenhouse gases, nitrogen use, water use and biodiversity) of agriculture.
Since 2008, he has been involved in the development of decision support tools for farmers, businesses and policy advisors - including the Cool Farm Tool for which he was the original developer, and the CCAFS-MOT tool.

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Sustainable Global Food Systems (edX)

How do we feed 11 billion people? Discover the importance of sustainable food systems on a global scale. We are currently facing one of the biggest challenges worldwide: how to feed a growing population without exhausting global resources. This course examines food security from a food systems perspective and [...]
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