Humayun Zafar

Dr. Humayun Zafar is an Associate Professor of Information Security and Assurance, as well as Director of the Mobile App Development (MAD) Lab at Kennesaw State University. He is also a Research Fellow at the Distance Learning Center. He received his doctorate from the University of Texas at San Antonio. His cyber security research has appeared in numerous journals and conferences. In 2014 he received an award from the Graduate School at Kennesaw State for his Research and Creative Activity. He routinely presents at professional conferences such as Mobility Live! and has appeared in the media numerous times for his expertise in the area of security and mobility. Check out this podcast.
In summer 2013 he designed the MAD Junior program to impart STEM knowledge to middle school students through creation of mobile games. He recently received multiple grants from Google (via the Tides Foundation) to continue with the program and partner with local non-profit agencies such as Computers For Youth (CFY) to encourage minorities to enroll in STEM programs.
Over the years, Dr. Zafar has taught numerous online undergraduate and graduate courses that pertain to cyber security at Kennesaw State University.
He is an avid tennis player and is pretty active on the marathon circuit.

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