Herbert Woratschek

Professional Experience:
2015: Visiting Professor, University of Auckland, New Zealand
2012-2014: Dean of Faculty of Law, Business and Economics at the University of Bayreuth
2010 -2012: Vice Dean of Faculty of Law, Business and Economics at the University of Bayreuth
2008: Visiting Professor, LaTrobe University, Melbourne, Australia
2006: Co-Founder of Sport Management Academy Bayreuth GmbH (with Prof. Dr. Guido Schafmeister and Prof. Dr. Klaus Zieschang)
2006-2008: Adjuncted Professorship for Sportmarketing at the Business School of Trondheim, Norway
2004: Visiting Professor, University of Calgary, Haskayne School of Business, Canada
2000: Co-Founder of Institute of Interdisciplinary Service Management (“Institut für interdisziplinäres Dienstleistungsmanagement“), Bayreuth, (with Prof. Dr. Klaus Zieschang)
1996-present: University of Bayreuth, Germany, Full Professor, Chair in Marketing & Service Management
1996-1997: Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-University, Greifswald, Germany, Full Professor for Marketing
1996: Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-University, Greifswald, Germany, Full Professor, Chair for Marketing
Board Member of the World Association for Sport Management (2013-2016)
Vice President of the European Association for Sport Management (2009-2015)
Head of Marketing Department of the German Association of University Professors of Business Administration), (2007-2008)
Director, Sport Management Academy Bayreuth GmbH (2006-present)
Board Member of the European Association of Sport Management (2005-2015)
Chair, Foundation for International Management, Bayreuth, Germany (2002-2018)
Director, Institute for Interdisciplinary Services Management, Bayreuth, Germany (2000-present)

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