Harrie Lovenstein




Harrie Lovenstein holds a MSc in tropical agronomy. He has specialized in arid land agriculture and gained hands on experience in o.a. runoff farming, innovative cropping systems, and tree propagation techniques. All with common goal: ‘more crop per drop’.

He is presently affiliated to the Centre for Sustainable Development and Food Security at WageningenUR and involved in distance learning projects.

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Jun 16th 2016

Learn the basics of crop production in order to feed the world and preserve our planet’s resources. Feeding nine billion people in 2050 without exhausting the planetary reserves is perhaps the greatest challenge mankind has ever faced. This environmental studies course will examine the principles of production ecology and the ‘availability pillar’ of global food security that lie at the heart of food production, which can be applied to both crops and animal production. This course will discuss why yields in some parts of the world are lagging behind and identify the agro-ecological drivers that shape the wide diversity of production systems.

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Jun 15th 2015

How to feed the world without depleting our planet’s reserves? Learn the basics of crop production.

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Jan 26th 2015

How to feed the world without exhausting planetary reserves? – understand the basics of crop production and explore the opportunities.

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