George Liu

George Liu is fascinated by how ideas from urban design can guide the creation of attractive environments that encourages cycling as a practical and desirable mode of daily transport. Using a database of over 200 design manuals, he explores how the design of bicycle infrastructure is evolving in cities around the world. His latest publication looks at how the emerging concept of "cycle highways" is conceptualized by practitioners in Northern European countries and how these designs can be applied to the North American context. As an innovator in online education, he has co-produced two online cycling courses: Unraveling the Cycling City with the University of Amsterdam and Designing the Cycling City with George is cross-appointed at Eindhoven University of Technology and University of Amsterdam as part of the Smart Cycling Futures project.

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Alternative Mobility Narratives (Coursera)

Ready to imagine a radically different mobility future? This course is about the stories that we tell ourselves about why and how we move. By critically examining our current narratives, we help you think about mobility in a new way. Using systems dynamics modelling, we explore how a mobility [...]

Reclaiming the Street for Livable Urban Spaces (Coursera)

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Being Smart about Cycling Futures (Coursera)

Jun 17th 2024
Being Smart about Cycling Futures (Coursera)
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What is the future of cycling in our cities that struggle to transition to more sustainable and inclusive forms of mobility? What is the role of innovation in ensuring that cycling becomes easier, safer and more accessible for different groups of people? What are Great Bikes and what are [...]