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I began my career as a geologist, wandering remote dirt roads of the American Southwest. After a few years, my career metamorphosed into being a science educator, receiving clear credentials in science and math. I began my deviation into technology back in the early 90’s when I broke my wrist snowboarding... I bought my first computer because I couldn't write by hand.

Over the past two decades I have taught science and math throughout the Bay Area, and authored several articles for The Science Teacher, The Physics Teacher, several museum publications and a number of websites. For the past fourteen years, I have been a science and technology educator at the Exploratorium Teacher Institute where I provide professional development for teachers from around the world. I have conducted workshops from China to Costa Rica and from Alaska to Tobago.

Besides earning a B.S. in Earth Science from the University of California at Santa Cruz and a M.A. in Education from Columbia University, I have served as a Wright Fellow at Tufts University's Wright Center for Innovation in Science Education. I worked as a professional white water guide and have rafted several dozen rivers with my boat, Ivan Boat-ski. Between meals, I wrote a book entitled,“While You're Waiting for the Food to Come,” a book of activities that can be done at restaurants. I made regular appearances on NPR’sSounds Like Science radio show as their "restaurant science commentator." I live on accreted oceanic crust north of San Francisco.

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Sep 17th 2017

This is an Exploratorium teacher professional development course taught by Teacher Institute staff, open to any science teacher (particularly middle or high school level) and science enthusiast. This is a hands-on workshop that explores topics and strategies teachers can use to help their students become active investigators of light.

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Apr 6th 2014

This is an Exploratorium Teacher Institute professional development course open to any middle or high school science teacher. This course is designed to help science teachers infuse their curriculum with activities that support the NGSS engineering practices.

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