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Dr Emilee Simmons, BM, MSt (Oxon), PhD, MBA (Leeds), is a Teaching Fellow, with experience in retail management, educational engagement, social enterprise and charities. Before joining the Leeds Enterprise Centre, she worked as an archivist & researcher for the Bate Collection Museum of Musical Instruments in Oxford, was an educational engagement manager for Fair-trade organisations, and at the University of Leeds taught undergraduate modules for the School of Music and more recently was a Lead Officer for the Educational Engagement team.

During her time on the MBA she was President of the Leeds Chapter of Net Impact, a non-profit organisation that looks to educate, equip and inspire professionals to use the power of business and entrepreneurship to create a more sustainable future (social, economic & environmental). After which she became the UK Global Fellow, supporting chapters across the UK and acting as an ambassador for the organisation. She is currently a professional member of the organisation and continues to support the Leeds chapter.

Currently she is on the board of trustees for Saltaire Inspired, a voluntary-run charity whose vision is to inspire people of all ages and backgrounds to participate in the arts.

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