Ella Stephens

Ella is an Australian/American Master student in Nutrition and Health at Wageningen University & Research. Her interests are plant-based nutrition, sustainable diets, and reducing the burden of chronic diseases through preventative measures.
After completing a BSc in Nutritional Sciences at Cornell University, USA in 2017, Ella began working for an educational non-profit organization, PlantPure Communities, which strives to create healthier and more sustainable communities around the globe. She is passionate about teaching others the importance of our dietary habits, specifically to prevent chronic diseases, fight climate change, and ultimately change the world through education and awareness. Ella is creating this MOOC for her MSc thesis to teach students at WUR and learners from around the world about the exciting potential of plant-focused diets.

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Plant Based Diets: Food for a Sustainable Future (edX)

When you hear of the enormous global challenges we face, don’t you wish you could actually do something about it? Well, you can! Grab an apple as we explore the science behind Plant Based Diets and discover the impact you can have, by simply ‘going (more) plant based’.
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