Dieuwertje Kok

The research of Dr. Dieuwertje Kok focusses on the relation between nutrition and cancer with a strong emphasis on mechanistic and clinical research. She wants to integrate knowledge from different disciplines to better understand risk factors for cancer development and progression. As a consequence, her work is strongly characterized by a multidisciplinary approach. Currently, she is working on the integration of epigenetic, transcriptomic, metagenomic and other complex molecular datasets from animal and human studies with a strong link to intestinal health and cancer research in clinical practice.

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Nutrition and Cancer (edX)

Discover the latest insights on the role of diet, nutrition and lifestyle in the prevention, occurrence and progression of cancer. Is cancer partly preventable through a healthy diet? Cancer has overtaken cardiovascular disease (CVD) as the leading cause of death in many parts of the world. It causes one [...]
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