David N. Harpp




David N. Harpp is the Sir William Macdonald Professor of Chemistry at McGill University. His research interests are centered on organosulfur and selenium molecules, teaching innovations, and academic integrity issues. He has published over 230 research articles in refereed journals including over 20 on teaching. In addition to having made nearly 600 presentations at conferences, universities, schools and interest groups, he has received over a dozen local, national and international awards for research, teaching and science promotion. These include the inaugural American Chemical Society’s Edward Leete Award for Excellence in Teaching and Research (1995) and the inaugural Lifetime Achievement Award for Leadership in Learning at McGill University (2010) and two honorary doctorate degrees (Acadia University, 2000, and University of Guelph, 2012).

More info: http://www.chemistry.mcgill.ca/directory/people.php?p=20&n=Harpp

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