Dan Zhang

Dan Zhang is Associate Professor of Operations Management at Leeds School of Business, University of Colorado Boulder. Dr. Zhang teaches in the area of operations management and data analytics in undergraduate, MBA, and PhD programs. Courses he taught include Business Statistics, Operations Management, Advanced Data Analytics, Spreadsheet Modeling, Stochastic Dynamic Programming, and Pricing and Revenue Management. Dr. Zhang’s primary research interest is data-driven decision making with applications to pricing and revenue management, supply chain management, and healthcare operations. He published 20 research articles on these topics and frequently speak at conferences, companies, and academic institutions. He consulted in his area of expertise for companies in Canada, China, Europe, and United States. He is the current president of the INFORMS Rocky Mountain Chapter, a society of analytics professionals in the rocky mountain region, and serves on the advisor board of Tech Valley Inc., a big data startup supported by Microsoft Accelerator. More recently, he was elected chair of INFORMS Pricing and Revenue Management Section, an international society of pricing and revenue management researchers and professionals.

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