Craig Johns

Craig’s primary research interest is in the analysis of agribusiness and agroforestry value chains and the resulting value chain improvement activities across the industry. He has global food experience from production through to consumption from the perspective of both the private and public sectors. Craig has held roles as a general manager of a successful food production company, a program manager in charge of allocating national value chain funding and a senior business consultant delivering on international value chain projects. Since joining the University in 2011, Craig has been involved in international development projects in a variety of agriculture, marine and forestry sectors across Fiji, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, PNG and Indonesia. His early training in food technology, quality management and business management coupled with his appreciation for the roles of industry and government enable him to understand key constraints and how industry development can lead to wider benefits for all stakeholders. More recently, Craig has taken on the Program Director role for our Centre’s two Masters programs and the position of CEO for the University Agribusiness Advisory Board. All of these responsibilities have enabled Craig to improve engagement and interaction between the University and leading agribusiness companies for the benefit of both research and teaching activities.

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Understanding Agribusiness, Value Chains, and Consumers in Global Food Systems (edX)

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