Arzu Ozoguz

Dr. Arzu Ozoguz is a visiting assistant professor of finance at the Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Business at Rice University. She conducts research in the areas of investments, corporate finance, and information economics. Her work focuses on how the information environment in financial markets affects the dynamics of asset prices and the cross-section of stock returns. More recently, she has been studying the interaction between the information in stock prices and firms’ real investment decisions. She has received Best Paper Awards from the Western Finance Association and the Financial Management Association. Her research has been published in the Review of Financial Studies and in the Journal of Financial Economics. Prior to joining the Jones School, she was on the faculties of University of Texas at Dallas, Kenan-Flagler Business School at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and the Queen’s Business School at Queen’s University in Canada. She received her PhD from INSEAD in France. She has a bachelor’s degree in economics from Oberlin College and a M.B.A. from Koc University in Istanbul. Prior to her PhD studies, Dr. Ozoguz worked as a research analyst at an investment bank in Istanbul, Turkey.

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