MongoDB can help you make a difference to the business. Tens of thousands of organizations, from startups to the largest companies and government agencies, choose MongoDB because it lets them build applications that weren’t possible before. With MongoDB, these organizations move faster than they could with relational databases at one tenth of the cost. With MongoDB, you can do things you could never do before.
Build your MongoDB expertise with free online courses to teach you how to build and deploy MongoDB. Each class runs for seven weeks with new lesson videos, quizzes and homework assignments released each week.

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M312: Diagnostics and Debugging (MongoDB)

Learn how to diagnose and debug issues that can arise in your MongoDB deployment. This course will go over a set of scenarios you might find in production, and introduce you to many of the tools and functionality that MongoDB's support and field teams use to diagnose issues, and [...]

M220J: MongoDB for Java Developers (MongoDB)

Learn the essentials of Java application development with MongoDB. This course will teach you how to use MongoDB as the database for a Java application. You will play the role of a back-end developer for a Java application, where your job is to implement the application's communication with MongoDB. [...]

M123: Getting Started with MongoDB Atlas (MongoDB)

Atlas is MongoDB's database as a service platform. In this short course, we provide a detailed introduction to its features and give students the opportunity to create and use a variety of MongoDB clusters in Atlas. Upon completing this course, students will be able to create and configure [...]

M122: Getting Started with MongoDB Cluster Management (MongoDB)

In this short-course we provide an overview of MongoDB's deployment management platforms: Cloud Manager and Ops Manager. Both platforms provide deployment automation, monitoring, and backup for MongoDB. Cloud Manager is a hosted platform, while Ops Manager is designed to be installed and run on your premises. We will explore [...]