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Introduction to MongoDB (Coursera)

Mar 4th 2024
Introduction to MongoDB (Coursera)
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"Introduction to MongoDB" guides you through the foundational skills and knowledge you need to get started with MongoDB. Get an introduction to MongoDB Atlas, the developer data platform, and how to create and deploy an Atlas cluster. Discover how MongoDB structures data in documents similar to JSON objects, making [...]

A300: Atlas Security (MongoDB)

Learn about the security features available in MongoDB Atlas. When creating applications, it is important that your users have trust that their data is safe. MongoDB Atlas has everything you need to ensure that your applications are compliant and secure. In this course, you will gain the skills necessary [...]

M123: Getting Started with MongoDB Atlas (MongoDB)

Atlas is MongoDB's database as a service platform. In this short course, we provide a detailed introduction to its features and give students the opportunity to create and use a variety of MongoDB clusters in Atlas. Upon completing this course, students will be able to create and configure [...]