Nov 21st 2016

AngularJS: Advanced Framework Techniques (edX)

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Take your Angular programming skills to the next level as you learn about the full range of advanced features available for programming in Angular. Want to start implementing some of the more advanced features of Angular, but looking for help to get you started? In this advanced angularJS course, you’ll learn how to implement a web framework as you work your way through a series of tutorial-style labs that make learning easy.

This course is best suited for those wanting to build upon a basic understanding of Angular, and who have HTML, CSS, and JavaScript training or knowledge.

What you'll learn:

- Implementing services and factories within Angular

- Displaying different directives and manipulating the DOM

- Bootstraping Angular and applying Angular animation to both CSS and JavaScript

- Installing, configuring, and running Express

- Configuring routes, implementing navigation, and building a single page application

- Performing unit and end-to-end testing


- A basic understanding of Angular and some experience using Angular in a web project

- A working knowledge of HTML and CSS implementation

- Basic understanding of JavaScript programming

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