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Young People and Their Mental Health (FutureLearn)

What are the most common mental health problems, what can you do about them and how do you improve your mental health? Learn to recognise, prevent and deal with your mental health problems. Mental health problems often develop during the teenage period. As many as 1 out of 5 [...]

How Artificial Intelligence Can Support Healthcare (FutureLearn)

Explore how AI can be used to improve patient care and build your understanding of how to implement AI in the health professions. Understand real-life AI healthcare applications and their impact on healthcare. The use of artificial intelligence to improve efficiency is prevalent across almost every industry, none more [...]

Working with Patients with Limited Health Literacy (FutureLearn)

Discover how including health literacy in your professional practice can be used to reduce health inequalities. Discover how health literacy can boost health outcomes. Studies suggest that if health professionals include elements of health literacy in their day-to-day-practice, the benefits to health promotion, prevention, treatment and care are [...]

Language Testing During Awake Brain Surgery (FutureLearn)

Discover the importance and the process of language testing during awake brain surgery. Language representation in the brain can be studied by testing language during awake brain surgery. In this course, you will get to know the importance of neurolinguistics and awake brain surgery by seeing the collaboration between [...]

Why Do We Age? The Molecular Mechanisms of Ageing (FutureLearn)

Why do we age? Is there a limit to human lifespan? Can we prolong our lives? Find out with this free online course. Discover the science behind the ageing process. The “why” and “how” of ageing has puzzled mankind ever since it questioned its place in the universe.