Fudan University

Initially known as "Fudan Public School", Fudan University was founded in the year 1905. "Fudan", literally meaning "(heavenly light shines) day after day", indicates inexhaustible self-reliance and industriousness.
Fudan consists of 28 schools and departments, with seventy undergraduate disciplines. The University confers bachelor's degrees in seventy academic disciplines, and master's degrees in two hundred and twenty nine disciplines (with fifty-one of them established by the University itself), and doctoral degrees in twenty-four Level I and one hundred and fifty-four Level II academic disciplines (with thirty of them established by the University itself). There are also twenty-nine research stations that offer postdoctoral fellowships.
The single and solitary goal of Fudan is to cultivate more and more all-round talents for modern China. Emulating the other successful institutions of tertiary and quaternary education at home and abroad, the University has been carrying out a series of daring experiments to integrate the various disciplines of learning and to utilize the abundant resources of a comprehensive university. After years of exploring and practicing, Fudan has now established its own curriculum and management system, both of which are unique and progressively improving.
More info: http://www.fudan.edu.cn/englishnew/

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微影人的自我修养 (Coursera)

Aug 8th 2022
微影人的自我修养 (Coursera)
Course Auditing
拍微电影,没什么必须要走的路,可以从任何地方起步。但起步之前,需要对拍微电影有个较为正确的认知。 拍微电影,很多人以为是关于“拍”的问题,而实际上,“拍”只是一个关于微电影实现的动作而已,好比露在水面上的冰山上一角,只是冰山庞大山体的很小部分。拍微电影这座冰山,更多的是关于“拍什么”、“怎么拍”这些隐藏在水面之下不为大多数人知道的真正内涵所在。所以,本课程从水面上可见的冰山一角——“拍”开始,逐渐深入水面之下,挖掘“拍什么”、“怎么拍”的问题,揭开冰山的真相。