At Emergn, we’re driven to improve the way people and companies work. Forever. We help some of the world’s most respected businesses develop their most promising ideas into valuable products and customer experiences faster.
We’re passionate about the power of learning and we’ve captured years of experience and research in our learning platform called Value, Flow, Quality ® (VFQ). Everything we learn is reflected and continuously updated in our courses, learning materials, tools, and templates. Our blended approach isn’t just theory, it’s anchored in proven ways of working based on real-world experience.
Our courses focus on solutions tied to situations you are likely to face in your role so that you can immediately and successfully apply your learning—without getting bogged down with all the rules. People working in all company departments, whether product, finance, marketing, IT or HR can bring something new and tangible to their role after taking one of our courses.

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Introduction to Product Managment (edX)

Self Paced
Introduction to Product Managment (edX)
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This is an introductory level course, which introduces you to definitions, vocabulary, themes, concepts and tools.​ It’s important to align your thinking and understanding of the world of Product Management before diving deep into the practice.