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Oct 31st 2016

An exploration of the haunting figure at the heart of one of William Shakespeare’s most famous plays. In the first act of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, the Ghost of the dead King of Denmark appears to his son, setting off a chain of events that culminates in the play’s notoriously bloody finale. But how would this mysterious figure have been understood in Shakespeare’s world?

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Sep 5th 2016

As part of Shakespeare400, learn about Shakespeare in print and performance around the world, from early modern times to today. Why do we continue to read and perform Shakespeare’s works around the world today? How were his plays performed and printed 400 years ago, and how has our conception of Shakespeare changed over the centuries?

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Aug 8th 2016

Improve your English language skills by looking at the life and works of William Shakespeare and his enduring popularity. This free online course will look at the life and works of William Shakespeare and take you from his Birthplace in Stratford-upon-Avon to the Globe Theatre in London, from where he secured his central place in English literature.

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May 25th 2016

Explore Shakespeare's mature plays of tragic love, Othello and King Lear, and learn what makes them so powerful and enduring. This literature and theater course will study two of the most sublime and gut-wrenching plays in the English language: Othello and King Lear. We will try to understand the reasons for their centrality to literary history as well as their continuing power to mesmerize audiences in theatres and cinemas across the world.

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Apr 27th 2016

Explore Shakespeare's plays of young love, Romeo & Juliet and A Midsummer Night’s Dream, to learn what makes them so compelling and magical. This literature and theater course will delve into two wonderful plays of young love, Romeo & Juliet and A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and try to bring alive what makes them so compelling and popular -- as both literature and drama.

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Apr 18th 2016

Together with the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, Professor Jonathan Bate explores Shakespeare, his works and the world he lived in. William Shakespeare is one of the most famous authors of all time. 2014 marks the 450th anniversary of his birth. His words have inspired and moved people from around the globe for centuries.

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Jan 19th 2015

Explore the most famous play ever written - its origins, texts and history - with experts from the Shakespeare Institute.

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Many consider William Shakespeare the greatest dramatist—even the greatest writer—of all time. His impact on Western culture and language is unmistakable, but his works have also been continuously read and performed around the world, illustrating his global significance.

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