Viral Infections

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SARS-CoV-2 and acute respiratory viral infections (Coursera)

Sep 27th 2021
SARS-CoV-2 and acute respiratory viral infections (Coursera)
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We live in a very amazing and disturbing time. No one could have imagined that a single phenomenon in the field of biology (mutation of the virus and its transition to a new organism) would cause such large-scale changes in the life of everyone, the economy and politics of [...]
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Stories of Infection (Coursera)

This course introduces learners to a variety of infectious diseases using a patient-centered, story-based approach. Through illustrated, short videos, learners will follow the course of each patient’s illness, from initial presentation to resolution. Integrating the relevant microbiology, pathophysiology and immunology, this course aims to engage and entice the learner [...]
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Pandemias: nuevas infecciones virales (Miríada X)

Los virus son los causantes de la aparición de nuevas infecciones. Este curso explica qué es un virus, cómo se transmite, cuál es el origen de los nuevos virus y cómo podemos controlarlos. Frecuentemente nos llegan noticias sobre la aparición de nuevas infecciones virales: un nuevo virus de la [...]
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