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Foundations of Computer Science (Coursera)

Jan 17th 2022
Foundations of Computer Science (Coursera)
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Welcome to Introduction to Programming: Visual Basic. In the course sequence you will learn to write programs that utilize both procedural and object oriented techniques to solve business problems. In the first course in the sequence we will provide you with a solid foundation in the [...]
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UML Class Diagrams for Software Engineering (edX)

Learn how unified modeling language (UML) class diagrams are created and used to visualize and conceptualize the design of a system. Have you ever wondered how software architects, requirements engineers and business analysts sketch and draw out their plans for a software system? In this computer science course, you [...]
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Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming with Java I: Object-Oriented Programming and Algorithms (edX)

Learn the basics of object-oriented programming and algorithms. Students will build on the skills learned from “Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming with Java I: Foundations and Syntax Basics” and learn the basics of writing classes that serve as blueprints of concepts or objects that are represented in a programming problem. [...]
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