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Système d’exploitation Linux pour les Scientifiques (REAMOOC)

Ce MOOC vise à former les apprenants à l’utilisation de Linux. A la fin de ce MOOC, les apprenants pourront effectuer les opérations de traitement de donner en ligne de commande (la manipulation des fichiers, l’écriture des programmes Shell, l’utilisation des outils de traitement de données).

GIT tutorial for beginners (Skillshare)

Self Paced
GIT tutorial for beginners (Skillshare)
Free Course
Why? Are you front-end developer or back-end, in gaming or fintech development - doesn't matter. Version control system - is what unites us all. We work in teams and have to coordinate our work and code to deliver a high-quality solution. How? Git is the best tool to control [...]

The Free Linux Bin (Skillshare)

I have created this free lesson bin to hold free video lesson. Those will grow over time and can cover many different subject. Check in often for new free lessons on Linux. If you are completely new to Linux and do not have a distribution install, I invite you [...]

Running Linux on a usb drive (Skillshare)

If you are interested in learning Linux, but have a Windows computer, this class is for you. Newer version of Windows plays nicely with Linux, you can install a Linux subsystem and have Linux well integrated in your Windows environment. Some of you may not have that option, may [...]