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DevOps on Alibaba Cloud (Coursera)

The ACP DevOps Engineer Course is designed for developers and operations experts who will be deploying applications on Alibaba Cloud using DevOps tools and best practices. The course covers Alibaba Cloud's Kubernetes Container Service (ACK), the ARMS Prometheus monitoring service, Log Service, ActionTrail, Container Registry, and more. It’s recommended [...]

Getting Started with Terraform for Google Cloud (Coursera)

Nov 21st 2022
Getting Started with Terraform for Google Cloud (Coursera)
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This course provides an introduction to using Terraform for Google Cloud. It enables learners to describe how Terraform can be used to implement infrastructure as code and to apply some of its key features and functionalities to create and manage Google Cloud infrastructure.

DevOps Pipeline: Automatización hasta el despliegue (edX)

Posiciónate un paso adelante de la competencia reduciendo los tiempos del desarrollo de software con DevOps. Utiliza y domina herramientas que te permitan crear infraestructura desde código e implementar un proceso de integración continua y desplegado continuo con calidad.

DevOps CI/CD Pipeline: Automation from development to deployment (edX)

Reduce software development times to get ahead of the competition with DevOps. Master the tools that enable you to create infrastructure from code and implement a process of continuous integration and continuous delivery, all while assuring its quality. For developers, sys admins and computer scientists or engineers, to stand [...]