Sustainable Resource Management Professional Certificate

What you will learn:
Master the concept and vision of the circular economy and understand how business can create value by applying its principles.
Challenges and opportunities in resource resilience, waste collection methods and efficient collection of waste in households and at companies.
Remanufacturing, refurbishment, re-use and recycling processes of products which contain critical raw materials (CRMs)
Waste prevention through chain optimization and benefits of circular procurement to keep CRMs in the loop through smart waste management.
How product design can support efficient recycling and remanufacturing and how to uncover new business models to reduce waste and to make your business more resource resilient.

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Circular Economy: An Introduction (edX)

Ready to make a difference? Learn how to contribute to a sustainable economic system by implementing novel business and design approaches! Our global society is not sustainable. We all know about the challenges we’re facing: waste, climate change, resource scarcity, loss of biodiversity. At the same time, we want [...]

Waste Management and Critical Raw Materials (edX)

Self Paced
Waste Management and Critical Raw Materials (edX)
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Learn about waste management and its key role in saving critical raw materials. Gain practical knowledge of the circular economy, recycling, refurbishment, and remanufacturing as a means of identifying new business opportunities. How can we ensure the continuous supply of the increasingly scarce raw materials that are needed to [...]